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We love all the fun drawings that all of you kids send us!  Email us your Candy Drawings or any other fun pictures you have made and we will put them up for all your friends to see !!!

Candy Land

Karen K. picture

Katie K. Naples, Florida

summer picture
By Colleen S, Austin, TX

water drawing
By Toni T. San Diego, CA

candy party picture
By Mary Z, Philadelphia, PA

Swings Drawing
By Mike J. Ann Arbor, MI

candycane drawing
By Tommy S., Atlanta, GA

christmas candy picture
By Maureen G., Naples, FL

Izzy N. Palm Springs, California

slip and slide drawing
By Kelly M. Holiday City, OH

twizzlers picture
By Peter M. New York, NY

flower drawing
By Maddie R. Hinsdale, IL

me and my puppy picture
By Laura C. Littleton, CO

smile drawing
By Jimmy F., Gary, IN

butterfinger picture
By Sara B. Boston, MA

Favorite Candy Picture
By Abbie.S., Palm Springs, CA

Erin W. Boston, Massuchusetts

Kids, there are lots of ways you can make your drawings and pictures on a computer.  You can either buy special software or use the tools that come free with your computer.  For example, kids love to use Microsoft Paint for drawings and pictures.
If you take pictures with your digital camera you can also email thus to us as well.  Try to take pictures with candy or some fun thing to do.  We can't put any pictures of anyone's face up for safety reason
Have Fun!!!

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