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Halloween Candy!

Check out our tasty halloween candy, crazy halloween costumes, creative halloween decorating ideas and a fun halloween game!


Halloween candy
You can never have enough candy at halloween!  Here are some of our favorites.  We have found some special candy deals just for Carrie's Candies visitors.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn is the classic Halloween candy!

The following places have a ton of halloween candy:

Candy Direct Halloween Candy

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Amazon Candy

Amazon Halloween Candy Click Here

Halloween Costumes
Checkout all the Halloween Costumes you can get right through our partners!  You can be a princess, a witch, batman, all kinds of things!  Just click on a costume below to get more info!  To see a million costume go to our Halloween Costume Page!

Prestige Princess Aurora Costume

Child Arabian Princess Costume

Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Spiderman Costume

Deluxe Child Spiderman 2 Costume

Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess/Lady in Waiting Reversible Pinafores Costume

Child Fairytale Princess Costume

Child Gothic Princess Costume

Child Renaissance Princess Costume

Deluxe Rapunzel Barbie Costume

Deluxe Princess Annika Costume

Child Barbie Renaissance Princess Costume

Deluxe Child Spiderman Costume with Muscle Chest

Complete Classic Princess Lauren Costume (blue)

Complete Classic Princess Kelly (purple)

Child Morning Princess Costume

Gypsy Princess Costume

Deluxe Child Princess Fiona Costume

Fiberoptic Child Batman Costume

Child Princess Bride Renaissance Costume Dress

Deluxe Cloud Queen Barbie Princess Costume

Child Royalty Princess Costume

Child Fairy Tale Princess Costume

Teen Renaissance Princess Costume

Deluxe Child Muscle Spiderman 2 Costume

Here's more places to get great costumes!


Halloween Decorating and Traditions
Below are some halloween decorating ideas and some halloween traditions that people have.  There's halloween kids craft activities and other fun stuff!
Make a scary man for your front porch or house!  Get an outfit of your own clothes like jeans, a hooded sweathshirt, and shoes.  Then stuff the clothes with crinkled up newspaper.  Put a scary halloween mask over the face and then put the body on your front porch in a chair!
Outside lighting.  Get orange lights (like Chrismas lights but orange).  Put them around your front door or porch and windows.  Don't make them perfectly square though.  Make them kind of messy, it's scarier!
Hanging skeletons with college team jerseys!  Get some skeletons from the store and some college sports T-shirts of teams you don't like.  Rip up the t-shirts a little and then put them on the skeletons.  Hang the skeletons from your front porch!
Outside scary sounds!  Add to the scary CD's from the halloween store!  Ok, get a tape recorder and your friends together.  Put on a scary halloween CD for background noise.  Now start recording your own voices with stuff like:  "I'm going to get You!"  and "Here we come!".  You can also make scary laughing sounds and other stuff.  Then play the tape when tricker treaters are coming!
More outside lighting!  Get a strobe light (flashes really bright over and over), and put it behind one of the bushed in your front yard.  Put another scary guy or a scary mask next to it that gets lit up by the light.  Set it to flash as slow as possible to make it scary!
A REAL Live Scary Man!  Get your dad or someone to dress up like the stuffed man above.  Put some newspapers in his shirt so people think he's fake.  Then have him not move until the trick or treaters are real close.  Them have him jump up and scream!
Big Spider on the Roof!  Ok either go buy a big spider or make one with wire from closet hangers with black fuzzy yarn wrapped around them.  Then get your Dad to put it on your roof.  Another fun thing to do is to put it on your driveway and tie a long string to it.  Hide in the bushes, then when trick or treaters are walking by pull the string so they think it is going to get them!

Tell us about your Halloween Ideas!

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Halloween Idea:

Halloween Game
Check out our fun halloween game below!

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