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How to Play:  OK kids, we have setup our brand new multiplayer games!  Call your friends and have them come in and pick each other to play.  We have turned off chat to keep kids safe. Let us know if people are using bad names.  Good Luck!!!


Detailed Game Instructions:
General multiplayer Game Instructions:

Multiplayer games are played by two people over a standard Internet connection. You first enter an alias (not your real name!!!), indicate your location, and choose whether you wish to enable chat during gameplay. You then enter the lobby where you can see the other players. When you want to challenge someone else to a game, simply click on their name. Otherwise, you can wait for someone else to challenge you. Providing that the other player accepts the challenge, the game will then load and start.  So call your friends and play against them!


Game play in backgammon moves from the bottom right side of the board across to the bottom left, then up to the top left and across to the bottom right. In examining various books and teaching guides about backgammon, and asking many players, we found that people play with the board oriented all different ways. We settled on this method for our game.

Before each turn, you must roll the dice. Then, you need to move each piece the number of positions shown on one. Even if you move the same piece twice, you must make each move individually to make sure that the piece can first reside on the position in between the total. To move a piece off the bar, you must drag the piece from the bar to a valid spot on the board. To bear pieces off the board, just drag them off to the right, the pieces will instantly be removed. Of course, you have to be able, according to the rules, to bear off first.

The "1" on the left side of the board signifies the value of the game. Either player can click "Double" before their roll to propose going to 2. After that, the other player can double to 4, etc. Scores appear after the first game.


Game play in checkers is as close as possible to the standard rules. Here's a quick refresher for those that have forgotten, or never learned, how to play. You play using the red squares only. At the start of the game, you can move any one piece forward diagonally one space. If the next space is occupied by an opponent's piece, but the square beyond that is free, you can jump that piece and it will be removed from the board. If a jump is possible, you must take it. The object of the game is to remove all you opponent's pieces. If, after a jump, another jump by the same piece is possible, then you must take it. You can make many jumps in a single turn like this. After one of your pieces gets all the way to the other side of the board, it becomes a king (a star will appear on the piece) and you can move that piece backwards as well as forwards for the rest of the game. Another way to win is to block all of your opponent's pieces so that he or she has no possible moves.

In checkers, you move your pieces one jump at a time. If you can take another jump, you must according to the rules, and the game will let you take that next jump before turning control over to the other player


Game play in chess is as close as possible to the standard rules. Each player sees the board with their pieces at the bottom, and their opponent's at the top. The player to set up the table is white and takes the first turn. The accumulated time for each player's moves is shown. If the two players agree, they can end the game after a certain amount of time has been exceeded by one of the players.

Special rules like En Passant and Castling are allowed, providing that the players meet all of the conditions that these special moves are governed by. To castle, move the king two spaces, and the rook will be moved automatically. When a pawn reaches the last row on the board, the player can choose any non-pawn piece to replace it. Check and checkmate are automatically declared by the game, the later will end the game. If you wish to reign, use the Resign button. If you wish to request a draw, click the Req Draw button.

The chess game includes many additional features. You can use the Change Set button to pick a different set of icons to represent the chess pieces. You can turn on or off the teach mode, which will show you the possible legal moves for each piece when you select it. The Show Last button will replay your opponent's last move, in case you were looking away from the screen when it was originally shown. Click on that same button with the Shift key held down, and the whole game is replayed until the current move. The History button will copy the game, using standard notation, to your clipboard for you to save. Each move is chess spoken out loud by the game. If you wish to change the volume or turn this feature off, click on the little speaker icon above the history button.


To play Four-In-A-Row just click on the board in the vertical column where you want to drop your piece. You will have to try to build your four-in-a-row combination at the same time as blocking your opponent from doing so.

Match Up

Game play in Match Up involves players taking turns. When it is your turn, you get to turn over two cards. If they are identical, the two cards will change to a bright green, and you will score two points. If they are not identical, they will be turned back over when the other player makes his or her first pick. The trick is to remember which cards are where, so that you can make future matches.

The goal of the game is to get more points than your opponent. The board has 100 cards, which are comprised of 50 matching pairs. You can see which cards your opponent turns over, and your opponent can see yours. By noting the identity of the cards your opponent turns over, you can make better guesses when it it your turn.

The game ends when all of the cards have been matched.


Game play in reversi is simple. When it is your turn, click on the board to place a piece. Once you place your piece, the program will look for cases where your new piece captures your opponent's pieces by catching them in between you new piece and another one of your pieces on the board. You can simply capture one piece by surrounding it on two sides, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Or, you can capture a whole row of pieces this way. One complexity of the game is that not only can you capture an opponent's piece, but you must capture at least one every turn.

Reversi includes a hint button. This will show you where your valid moves are. Using this feature is a great way to learn this game.

Sea Battle

To play Sea Battle, you must first place your ships on the board. They are placed in default positions at the upper left corner of the board, but you will want to move them around. Click and drag to reposition the ships, and double-click on a ship to switch its horizontal or vertical orientation. You will not be allowed to continue to play if you overlap ships.

Once both players have placed their ships, you will take turns firing on each other. You get one shot for every ship you have. You use the second board to fire your shots. You will see if you have a hit or a miss. When you sink a ship, the ship will appear under the red explosion marks. Sinking all of your opponent's ships is the goal of the game.

Think Ahead

Game play in Think Ahead involves players taking turns. When it is your turn, you will need to pick a number from the row or column specified. When you do this, you get awarded the number of points shown. Sometimes this number is negative. Then, the selection bar will shift from the row to the column, or from the column to the row. This shift always happens around the number you choose.

The goal of the game is to get more points than your opponent. They best way to do this is to "think ahead" to what you opponent can get if you chose a certain number. If you are really good, you can begin to think ahead by several moves.

The game ends when the board is empty, or when the selection bar moves to a row or column that has no numbers left.

Word Rush

Game play in Word Rush involves players taking turns. When it is your turn, you will need to use one or more of your nine letters to make a word. Drag and drop each letter on to the playing area. The word must use at least one letter already on the screen, but it can use more. If your letters also touch other letters on the screen, they must form valid words. In these cases, the word combination with the highest number of points is awarded, but not both words.

You can also pass during a turn. Use this if you feel you cannot make a word with your letters. When you pass, all of your letters will be replaced with new ones and you turn is over.

A valid word is one that is in the game's internal dictionary. This dictionary contains about 40,000 basic words. Most plurals that use an "s" are NOT valid words in this game. Neither are words that use suffixes, like "ed" or "ing". If the word is not in the dictionary, you will be told and given the chance to try another word.

Scoring is based on the number of letters in the word you make. You get one point per letter, whether that letter was one you placed, or one that was already on the board. If one of your new letters if on a space with a "+2" or a "+5", you also score those extra points.

The goal of the game is to get to 60 points. The first player to do so will be declared the winner.

Kids, use the arrow keys (or the comma and period keys) to guide your cat across the screen. Press the spacebar to jump from one platform to the other. If you miss a platform, you move on to the next life. Cats have nine lives. When you get to the other side, you receive points. The faster you get there, the more points you get. To begin, choose which cat you want to play.  Have fun!!!

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If the Game Doesn't Work

You might need a new version of Shockwave or Flash.  If your parents setup security on your computer you might need to login as them to download these.

Why Carrie's Candies Games Are Better

Our online games for kids are designed for children and the young at heart.  These are simpler games that you can't find on Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation, Sony PS2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo GameBoy or any other game.  Please let us know what you favorite game is.

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