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Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Make sure you get lots of candy for Valentine's Day!  Put some out in bowls in your house and give some to your Mom and friends!  Below we have some Valentine's candy and some fun things to do on Valentine's.

valentine suckers

valentine candy hearts

valentine candy M&M's

Valentine's Day Candy
In addition to the classic heart candy with great love messages, there's all kinds of other Valentine's candy.  You can get heart shaped suckers, red and white M&M's, boxes of chocolates, and plenty of other specialty candies.  Please click our partner's names below to buy candy:

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Candy Direct Valentine's Day Candy

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valentine flowers

Valentine's Day Flowers
It's always nice to send flowers on Valentine's Day!  Send them to your special someone, your Mom, Grandma, or anyone you want to tell that you care about them.
Of course, red roses are the classic choice!  However, many florists can put together great arrangements including many other types of flowers.

valentine teddy bear

Valentine's Day Gifts
There's many things you can give for Valentine's day.  Of course, the number one choise is jewelry.  Many necklaces, bracelets and rings come in heart shapes.  You can never go wrong with diamonds.  Other gift ideas include teddy bears and other cuddly stuff.  You can go with clothes, but that's always risky!

St. Valentine's Day History and Background
St. Valentine's Day is on February 14th every year.  In 2007, Valentine's falls on a Wednesday.  There are many different stories about the origin of Valentine's Day but most of them center around one of three saints from early times.  Over the years, the holiday has become known as a time to profess one's love for that special someone as well as for family, particulary Mom's.  Also, it has become a tradition in the US for school children to bring in Valentine's day cards for everyone in their grade.
Valentine's traditions include giving cards, presents and flowers.  Many couples go out to dinner on Valentine's.  This has become one of the hardest days of the year to get a reservation - so call early.  Many people have gotten engaged on Valentine's day.
Valentine's Decorating.  Many people decorate their house for Valentine's Day.  Some things they do are put floor mats with hearts outside their front door as well as put flowers or heart decorations on their front door.  Many people put bowls of red and white candies out throughout their house.  It's always nice to have crafts from the kids to put up each year on refridgerators and cabinets.

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