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Our random sweet thoughts on our candy blog below...
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4th of July
I love the 4th of July!  Of course, the best part is the fireworks.  But I also love the parades, the family get togethers, and the food - especially candy!
Starbursts are fun because they sound like fireworks.  There's lots of other red, white, and blue candy like the special holidy M&M's.
Checkout our list of candy for the 4th of July here: 4th of July candy
Eat Twizzlers on the 4th of July!      cherryheads_pkg.jpg     Eat Hot Tamales on the 4th of July

Father's Day!
Well Father's Day is almost here!  Have fun with your Dad this weekend.  Dad's love it when you do simple things like get him a drink or a snack without him asking.  They also love hugs.  And yes, they do love candy - but go with the classics - butterfinger, snickers, etc!

Butterfingers are great for Father's Day!
Checkout our detailed Butterfinger review here: Butterfinger Candy Review

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