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Our random sweet thoughts on our candy blog below...
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Hershey's Chocolate World!
My family visited Hershey's Chocolate World recently - What a Blast!   Hershey, Pennsylvania is the home of Hershey's Chocolate and they have all kinds of fun things to do there.
First we checked into the Hershey Hotel and they gave everyone in our family a Hershey bar!  That's the best hotel ever!  We got two connecting rooms so my Mom and Dad could get a break from the kids!
We got there around dinner time and bought our tickets for the Amusment Park, Hershey Park for the next day.  It was great because you're allowed to go to the park the night before for FREE!  So we took a bus over to the park and went in while everyone else was leaving.  It was open until 11:00!  They have lots of roller coasters and other fun rides.  My favorite roller coaster was an old wooden one called Wildcat.  It went so fast!  There was also a log ride that you get totally soaked on!  My mom thought she wouldn't get wet but it looked like she fell in a pool!  I think its called Tidal Force.
We also went to Hershey's Chocolate World!  Its a ride that shows you how they make the chocolate.  It's really cool how they mix it up and make all the different kinds of candy bars!  At the end of the ride you walk out into one of the biggest candy stores you ever saw.  You have to see it!
Here's some links to the Hershey websites:
                                  Hershey Bar

It's Hot Outside !!!
It's a little too hot for chocolate, so try something cool and juicy!
Checkout our summer candy here: Summer Candy

Summer Candy
After the 4th of July we're into the heart of summer!  Make sure you keep some candy nearby to keep you cool.

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